27 Apr

Run Dielectric Fluid Test Annually

Ideal Time to Run Dielectric Fluid TestRun Dielectric Fluid Test Annually. It is ideal to run a Dielectric Fluid Test at least once a year. In certain circumstances such as if test results indicate a significant change such as a large increase in key gasses or moisture content then a Dielectric Fluid Test should be run every three to six months.

Test the insulating fluid in the power transformer before a failure occurs. As a transformer ages, the dielectric fluid can contain gas and contaminants that have dissolved in it over time causing a transformer failure. Dielectric fluids in a transformer can be analyzed to find out the condition of the dielectric fluid. The testing can identify measures needed for preventative maintenance action. Transformer oil analysis is a cost-effective preventive maintenance tool for your electrical power system.

Preventive maintenance including inspection, testing, and servicing of electrical equipment should be done on a regular basis. Contact Reuter Hanney, The Electrical Power Specialists, today at bids@reuterhanney.com for a review of your company’s electrical equipment needs and to learn more about safety, and safety maintenance procedures.