Infrared & Ultrasonic Electrical Inspection Services

When it comes to keeping your electrical and power distribution systems safe and performing at top efficiency, what you can’t see can hurt you. “Invisible” conditions such as premature wear, loose connections and overloaded conditions can lead to catastrophic failures, work disruptions, and even risk of fire and electrical shock.

Infrared (IR) scanIR_0012lgrning, sometimes known as thermal imaging, is a proven method of predicting and preventing costly problems before they start. Reuter Hanney’s technicians are highly skilled in conducting periodic inspections using advanced, non-contact IR scanning equipment. We scan potential trouble spots throughout your system, even in hard-to-access areas, such as inside control panels, process control equipment, bus ducts, pole-mounted equipment, and aerial connections. This remarkable technology allows us to view developing problems not discernible to the naked eye, and well beyond the scope of most electrical inspections.

Infrared scanning can be done without any interruption to power. It’s fast, safe, and affordable. What we can scan in one day would take hundreds of man-hours to accomplish by conventional means.

Scheduled infrared scanning inspections from Reuter Hanney are cost-effective, time-saving extensions to your regular maintenance program. A typical service contract includes up to 8 hours of scanning, a comprehensive report detailing the equipment and areas scanned, all relevant thermal & electrical measurements and images, as well as, written comments and recommendations. Infrared scanning locates serious electrical problems in just seconds. Infrared scanning is a fast, affordable method of preventive maintenance that will spot trouble areas within seconds.

Save time, money and manpower now, by scheduling a Reuter Hanney infrared inspection.