11 May

Circuit Breaker Panel Covers Provide Protection

Circuit Breaker Panel CoversCircuit Breaker Panel Covers Provide Protection when they are properly installed and maintained.

How many times have you seen circuit breaker panel covers with loose or missing screws? The covers are intended to prevent accidental contact with energized parts inside the enclosure. Loose or missing screws may allow access to those energized parts by unqualified persons.

Many panels are in locations accessible only to qualified personnel, but many are not. For example, many schools, hospitals, and office buildings have panels located in hallways accessible to unqualified people. Objects have been known to be poked through openings such as these.

Securing the circuit breaker panel covers also helps in the event of a failure within the inside of the panel. While the cover may not completely contain an arc flash event inside a panel, it would limit the flash escaping. Completely securing the cover would make it less likely to become a missile due to an arc blast.

Preventive maintenance including inspection, testing, and servicing of electrical equipment should be done on a regular basis. Contact Reuter Hanney, The Electrical Power Specialists, today at bids@reuterhanney.com for a review of your company’s electrical equipment needs and to learn more about safety, and safety maintenance procedures.