September 2014 15
Ideal Time to Run Dielectric Fluid Test
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The Ideal Time to Run Dielectric Fluid Test is at least once a year and every three to six months if test results indicate a significant change such as a large increase in key gases or moisture content. For more…

August 2014 12
Equipment Failure and Unplanned Downtime Costs Time & Money
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Equipment failure is one of the biggest reasons for unplanned downtime. That’s why a “Preventative Testing Program” by Reuter Hanney is the most cost-effective investment you can make. Your vital electrical systems are under constant stress,…

July 2014 28
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NOTICE OF POSSIBLE EQUIPMENT/PROPERTY DAMAGE  To all purchasers/users of Draw-out versions of PowerPact P (100A to 1200A) and MasterPact NW/NT UL/ANSI Circuit Breakers (800 to 6300Amp). Schneider Electric has identified a potential nonconformance with the…

July 2014 22
Equipment Labeling Guidelines
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According to NFPA 130.7, Electrical equipment such as switchboards, panel boards, industrial control panels, meter socket enclosures, and motor control panels, and motor control centers that are in other an dwelling units, and are likely…

July 2014 07
NETA Certification: When “Qualified” Isn’t Certified
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Today, virtually every electrical testing company has a website. Most of them make some reference to NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association), the professional organization that establishes industry standards for electrical testing companies. But what many…