December 2017 12
Energized Conductors: Prevent Accidental Contact
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Remember safety first  Failure to follow guidelines can result in an increased risk of injury.  Prevent Accidental Contact with Energized Conductors:  Maintain enclosures to guard against accidental contact with energized conductors. Fasten and latch securely…

December 2017 05
Electrical Equipment Maintenance Tip
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Remember safety first  Electrical Equipment Maintenance Tip:  Follow Manufacturer Instructions and Industry Standards.  Maintain circuit breakers, relays, and other overcorrect protective devices according to manufacturer’s instructions and industry standards, such as NETA. Record All Events…

November 2017 28
Labeling Electrical Equipment Protects Employees
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Important Electric Safety Tip: Labeling Electrical Equipment Allows Employees to Quickly Assess the Equipment's Maintenance Label Electrical Equipment with Date of Testing & Condition Use test or calibration labels to indicate the date of testing…

November 2017 21
Electrical System Maintenance Requirements
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Two Important General Maintenance Requirements from NFPA 70E-2015: A single line diagram, where provided, for the electrical system, shall be maintained in a legible condition and kept current. Electrical equipment is to be maintained in…

November 2017 14
When is it safe to Reenergize the circuit and equipment?
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Electrical Safety Tip: Reclose Circuits After De-energizing After a circuit is de-energized by operation of a circuit protective device (i.e. circuit breaker, fuse, etc.), the circuit should not be manually reenergized until it has been…

November 2017 07
Safety Interlocks: Precautions
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Interlocks for Safety Safety Interlocks help prevent harm to its operator and to the system itself. Safety Interlocks are not to be defeated or bypassed. The only exception is for a qualified person working inside…

October 2017 24
Electrical Hazards Safety Precautions: Personnel Activities
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The following are important safety precautions for personnel activities around electrical hazards: Alertness – employees shall not be permitted within limited approach boundaries or arc flash boundaries when impaired due to illness, fatigue, or other…

October 2017 10
Warn Personnel Regarding Electrical Hazards
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Three techniques to use to warn personnel regarding electrical hazards: Clearly mark and make visible safety signs and tags Place barricades strategically in conjunction with signs Attendants To learn more about other safety maintenance procedures…