April 2017 27
Run Dielectric Fluid Test Annually
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Run Dielectric Fluid Test Annually. It is ideal to run a Dielectric Fluid Test at least once a year. In certain circumstances such as if test results indicate a significant change such as a large increase in key gasses or…

April 2017 20
Prevent Transformer Failures with Dieletric Liquid Testing
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Prevent transformer failures with dielectric liquid testing on transformers. As a transformer ages, the dielectric fluid can contain gas and contaminants that have dissolved in it over time causing a transformer failure. Three reasons to test transformers with dielectric testing:…

April 2017 13
What is the purpose of Dielectric Fluids?
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Dielectric Fluids: provides electrical insulation cools the equipment protects the paper insulation Dielectric fluids are found in transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit breakers, load tap changers, oil switches and oil-filled cables. The fluids can be…