January 2017 26
Protective Relays Types
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Three Protective Relays Types are: • Electromechanical • Solid state • Numerical Protective relays should be acceptance tested prior to being placed in service. Thereafter, they should be tested periodically to ensure reliable performance.  In…

January 2017 19
Electrical Systems Anomalies
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Protective relays are designed to respond to electrical systems anomalies in: • Current • Voltage • Frequency • Phase angle • Direction of current or power flow • And other parameters Protective relays should be…

January 2017 12
Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers & Protective Relays
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Most medium-voltage circuit breakers have a protective relay to monitor the electrical system. Protective relays are used in conjunction with medium voltage circuit breakers to: Sense abnormalities Isolate the problem with minimal disturbance to the system…

January 2017 06
NFMT 2017
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Reuter Hanney is Exhibiting at NFMT 2017. Building Operating Management's NFMT 2017 is the largest free conference and product expo for facilities professionals. Come see us at the Baltimore Convention Center on March 7-9, 2017 (Booth #2562). The…

January 2017 05
Preventative Testing Program: a Cost Effective Investment
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Preventative Testing Program: a Cost Effective Investment Your vital electrical systems are under constant stress, subjected to the damaging effects of thermal cycling, switching, mechanical stresses, and environmental extremes. And because the various components of…