November 2017 14
When is it safe to Reenergize the circuit and equipment?
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Electrical Safety Tip: Reclose Circuits After De-energizing After a circuit is de-energized by operation of a circuit protective device (i.e. circuit breaker, fuse, etc.), the circuit should not be manually reenergized until it has been…

November 2017 07
Safety Interlocks: Precautions
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Interlocks for Safety Safety Interlocks help prevent harm to its operator and to the system itself. Safety Interlocks are not to be defeated or bypassed. The only exception is for a qualified person working inside…

October 2017 24
Electrical Hazards Safety Precautions: Personnel Activities
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The following are important safety precautions for personnel activities around electrical hazards: Alertness – employees shall not be permitted within limited approach boundaries or arc flash boundaries when impaired due to illness, fatigue, or other…

October 2017 10
Warn Personnel Regarding Electrical Hazards
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Three techniques to use to warn personnel regarding electrical hazards: Clearly mark and make visible safety signs and tags Place barricades strategically in conjunction with signs Attendants To learn more about other safety maintenance procedures…

October 2017 04
Methods to Determine Arc Flash PPE
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Two important methods permitted to determine Arc Flash PPE: 1. The Incident Energy Analysis Method – Incident energy at a location is estimated based on information in Informative Annex D of NFPA 70E-2015. Arc rated…

June 2017 22
What if an Arc Flash Hazard Exists?
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If an Arc Flash Hazard exists during an Arc Flash Assessment, three (3) important items are determined: Safety-related work practices to use Arc Flash Boundary PPE to use within the Arc Flash Boundary An arc…

June 2017 15
Shock Protection Boundaries – How are they determined?
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Shock Protection Boundaries, According to NFPA 70E-2015, is determined by a Shock Risk Assessment. The Shock Protection Boundaries as follows: Limited Approach Boundary. Unqualified persons may not cross a limited approach boundary, except if escorted…

June 2017 08
Qualified Persons Only to Work on Energized Equipment
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Qualified Persons Only Permitted to Work on Energized Equipment! But who is qualified to work on energized equipment? According to NFPA 70E-2015, QUALIFIED persons means: “One who has demonstrated skills and knowledge related to the…