November 2016 29
Importance of Performing Routine Tests on Insulating Oil
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Importance of Performing Routine Tests on Insulating Oil It’s imperative to perform routine tests on insulating oil for the following reasons: Dielectric breakdown – measures the ability of the fluid to withstand electrical stress without…

November 2016 21
Infrared Scanning: Done Without Interruption to Power
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Infrared Scanning Infrared scanning can be done without any interruption to power. It’s fast, safe, and affordable. What we can scan in one day would take hundreds of man-hours to accomplish by conventional means. Scheduled…

November 2016 11
Excitation Current Test: An Important Transformer Test
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Excitation Current Test: Another Important Transformer Test Excitation current tests are used to detect: Shorted turn-to-turn insulation, Short circuited core laminations, Loosening of the core clamping, or Improper winding connections. A typical excitation current test…

November 2016 03
Purpose of Conducting Transformer Diagnostic Tests
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Conducting Transformer Diagnostic Tests Diagnostic tests are conducted on transformers to confirm the transformer’s ability to continue functioning properly and to reduce the chance of failure. Transformer diagnostic tests include: Turns-ratio tests are used to…