October 2016 27
Purpose of Conducting Transform Insulation Tests
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Conducting Transformer Insulation Tests Insulation tests are conducted on transformers to confirm the transformer’s ability to continue functioning properly and to reduce the chance of failure. Transformer insulation tests include: Power-Factor Tests (or Dissipation-factor) are…

October 2016 21
How Important is Transformer Testing?
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Transformers Play An Important Role in the Electrical Power System Since transformers play an important role in the electrical power system it is imperative to conduct transformer testing on a regular basis. The goal of…

October 2016 17
Transformer Testing: A Deterrent to Downtime
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Transformer testing is a critical component of regular maintenance. A transformer failure can cause downtime that lasts anywhere from days to months. Annual scheduled maintenance is a proven way to reduce the possibility of unexpected…

October 2016 14
When Should Contact Resistance Tests Be Performed?
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When Should Contact Resistance Tests Be Performed? Contact resistance tests are performed on low voltage circuit breakers to check the quality of the breaker contacts. The contact resistance should be as low as possible to…