July 2016 22
Dangers of Electrical Equipment Overheating
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Watch Out for Dangers of Electrical Equipment Overheating The summer months are when electrical equipment is most prone to overheat due to: Increased loads on transformers when air conditioning equipment runs.  Extremely hot days strain…

July 2016 12
Continued Long Duration Undervoltage Stresses
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Be careful of continued long duration undervoltage stresses on equipment. Sometimes these stresses are normal variations of the supply voltage because of load variations on the utility and plant systems. The electric utility will attempt…

July 2016 06
Long Duration Undervoltage Solutions
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Long duration undervoltage situations can sometimes damage equipment. Solutions to  long duration undervoltage include: Disconnect sensitive or expensive equipment to prevent damage Possibly adjust transformer taps Find an alternative power supply. Contact Reuter Hanney, the electrical power…