June 2016 14
Most Common Types of Power Quality Disturbances
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Voltage sags and swells are the most common type of power quality disturbance. Sags are more common and occur about twice as often as swells. Power quality disturbances symptoms of voltage sags and swells can…

June 2016 09
Solutions to Transients Problems
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Solutions to Transients Problems Include Installation of: Surge arrestors Surge capacitors Surge suppressors Surge protectors Inductive reactors Note: All protective devices must be properly grounded to provide the required operation. Contact Reuter Hanney, the electrical power…

June 2016 03
Effects of Transients or Surges on Electrical Equipment
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Transients or surges are over voltage conditions which can result in damage to electrical equipment. The effect and severity depend on magnitude, duration, and frequency. Examples include: Lightning strikes Switching of inductive or capacitive loads…