May 2016 25
Solutions to Harmonic Problems
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Solutions to Harmonic Problems When harmonics are present it can cause anything from overheating in transformers and motors to loss of data on computer systems to unexplained blown fuses on power-factor correction capacitors. It can…

May 2016 11
More on How Harmonics Can Damage Your Electrical Equipment
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Harmonics can damage your electrical equipment. When harmonics are present, capacitance combined with circuit inductance can create resonance. Resonance can cause high voltage and high currents resulting in blown fuses and failed capacitors on power-factor…

May 2016 03
Triplen Harmonics
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Triplen Harmonics Triplen harmonics (3rd, 9th, 15th), an odd harmonic, add up in the neutral conductor instead of cancel. This can result in neutral currents higher than phase currents which may cause significant problems in…