April 2016 27
Harmony Problems
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Harmony Problems Harmonics can cause significant problems for your electrical systems. The fundamental frequency is the predominant, intended frequency of a system and harmonics are voltages or currents that are integer multiples of the fundamental…

April 2016 18
Know Your Harmonics
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Know Your Harmonics Harmonics are caused by nonlinear loads in which the current waveform does not conform to the waveform of the impressed voltage, per NFPA 70B. The fundamental frequency is the predominant, intended frequency…

April 2016 11
Power Quality Disturbances Identified
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Power Quality Disturbances can include the following: Harmonics Voltage transients Voltage sags and swells Long-duration undervoltage Sustained interruptions Unbalanced voltages Single-phasing (partial interruption) Inadvertent and inadequate grounding Electrical noise Voltage fluctuations (light flicker) Power Quality…

April 2016 05
Ideal Power Supply
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Power Supply Power quality depends on deviations from or interruptions to the pure, ideal power supply. According to NFPA 70B, an ideal alternating-current (ac) supply would be a sinusoidal waveform. However, in reality, power consists…