March 2016 28
Infrared Scanning: Fast, Safe, and Affordable
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Infrared scanning can be done without any interruption to power. What Reuter Hanney can scan in one day would take hundreds of man-hours to accomplish by conventional means. Scheduled inspections from Reuter Hanney are cost-effective,…

March 2016 22
Inadequate Grounding Solutions NFPA 70B
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Inadequate Grounding Solutions Clean and tighten and test connections as needed. Replace or repair damaged or corroded components. Size the grounding electrode conductor in accordance with NEC Art. 250. Use soil enhancement as necessary.

March 2016 15
Time-travel Analysis Test
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Is your Breaker's Operating Mechanism operating properly? Time-travel analysis test is used on medium and high-voltage circuit breakers and provides information as to whether the breaker’s operating mechanism is operating properly (NFPA 70B). The test…

March 2016 07
Electrical Components Testing/Maintenance
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For electrical components testing and maintenance, Reuter Hanney offers: • Transformers • Substations • Cable • Circuit Breakers • Relays & Meters • Switchgear By detecting problems early, you can prevent avoid major problems and…