February 2016 25
NFPA 70B Inadequate Grounding Symptoms
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Inadequate Grounding Symptoms Common mode voltages can develop when the grounding conductor and the neutral are not effectively bonded. Common mode noise can develop in wiring without a grounding conductor and without electrically continuous raceway. Increased…

February 2016 20
Electricity – A World’s Crucial Energy Source
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We live in the 3rd millennium, the epoch of the multimedia channels, augmented reality and many other amazing technologies. Yet, the most used and worldwide essential energy source still stays electricity. We can’t live without…

February 2016 18
4 Methods of Testing Ground Resistance
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4 important methods of testing ground resistance:  2-point method – used for testing connections and conductors between connection points. 3-point method – (aka, Fall-of-potential method) used for measuring resistance to earth of a grounding electrode.…

February 2016 11
What are the Common Causes of Ground System Failures?
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Common Causes of Ground System Failures Include:  Connections or bonds loosen or break over time Corrosion can damage ground connections and rods Soil conditions can change over time resulting in poor ground conditions Be sure…

February 2016 04
Perform Proper Ground System Tests to Save Lives
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Ground System Failures Can Result in: Loss of human lives from poor safety grounds Loss of expensive equipment thru damaging voltage surges Loss of critical data from poor grounding of sensitive equipment It is important to implement…