January 2016 28
Ground System Failures Prevented with Proper Testing
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Ground System Failures Can Be Prevented with Testings: Connection testing Grounding electrode testing Point to point testing Testing to prevent ground system failures is just one of the ways to protect your equipment. To learn more about safety,…

January 2016 22
Thermographic Surveys Detect Problems Preventing Major Issues
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Thermographic Surveys Detects Problems Preventing Major Issues Poor electrical connections caused by loose or corroded wires resulting in increased resistance Overloaded circuits Unbalanced loads Blocked cooling fins in transformers Low oil level in cooling fins…

January 2016 05
One-Line Diagram Accuracy
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A One-Line Diagram is important for enhanced safety and reliability. A one-line diagram (also called single-line diagram ) provides a map of the electrical system of a building or facility. A one-line diagram is one…