December 2015 29
Distance Relays Provide Protection
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Distance Relays are used to protect transmission circuits (in addition to overcurrent relays). Distance Relays are preferred to overcurrent relays on high voltage transmission lines. They are faster, more selective, and easier to coordinate. Overcurrent…

December 2015 22
Electrical Power Systems Testing
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Electrical Power Systems Testing ensure electrical system safety, reliability, and efficiency. Electrical Power Systems are vulnerable to aging and the extreme weather events that it endures. Extreme weather such as floods, fires, snow, rain, lightning, heat waves…

December 2015 17
Lightning Arrestors – Four Classes of Protection
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Lightning Arrestors - Which of the four classes of protection should you use? Lightning arrestors protect electrical power systems from the damaging effects of lightning. There are four classes of lightning arrestors listed from least…

December 2015 09
Overvoltage Can Harm Electrical Systems
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 Overvoltage conditions can be hazardous. Surge Suppressors and Lightning Arrestors are used to protect electrical systems from overvoltage conditions or surge. They divert the overvoltage to ground. When the voltage in a circuit or part of…

December 2015 03
Voltage Relays Provide Protection
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Voltage relays provide protection for the following conditions: Low voltage conditions which can cause motors to overheat if prolonged High voltage conditions caused when certain types of generators lose their load Reverse phase rotation which…