August 2015 28
Top Reasons for Performing Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
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Top reasons for performing Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) include: Can detect thermal and electrical faults Can determine if additional electrical testing is required Early detection of problems can result in lower repair costs Ability to…

August 2015 20
What’s the Purpose of Dielectric Fluids?
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Dielectric fluids purpose is to provide: cooling electrical insulation arc quenching (in some equipment) These dielectric fluids are found in transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit breakers, load tap changers, oil switches and oil filled cables.…

August 2015 11
Updated OSHA Training Requirement Guide
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has updated and posted new Training Requirements in OSHA Standards. The new standards have been fully integrated into an updated version to help keep workers safe and assist…

August 2015 07
Why Test Dielectric Fluids?
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How Can Testing of the Dielectric Fluid Help Your Company? Testing of Dielectric Fluid can: provide an indication of a problem before it becomes a major issue. be performed while equipment is energized in many…