November 2014 24
What Determines Shock Protection Boundaries?
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According to NFPA 70E-2015, a Shock Risk Assessment determines Shock Protection Boundaries as Follows: Limited Approach Boundary – Unqualified persons may not cross, except if escorted by a qualified person and they are advised of…

November 2014 10
When is an energized work permit NOT required?
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Acccording to NFPA 70E-2015, an energized work permit is required if a qualified person is provided with and uses PPE and safe work practices under the following conditions: When testing, troubleshooting, and voltage measuring. When thermography…

November 2014 06
When is energized work required?
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While it’s important to know when energized work is permitted it is also important to know when it is required. According to NFPA 70E-2015, energized work is required when: One who has demonstrated skills and…