June 2017 22
What if an Arc Flash Hazard Exists?
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If an Arc Flash Hazard exists during an Arc Flash Assessment, three (3) important items are determined: Safety-related work practices to use Arc Flash Boundary PPE to use within the Arc Flash Boundary An arc…

June 2017 15
Shock Protection Boundaries – How are they determined?
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Shock Protection Boundaries, According to NFPA 70E-2015, is determined by a Shock Risk Assessment. The Shock Protection Boundaries as follows: Limited Approach Boundary. Unqualified persons may not cross a limited approach boundary, except if escorted…

June 2017 08
Qualified Persons Only to Work on Energized Equipment
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Qualified Persons Only Permitted to Work on Energized Equipment! But who is qualified to work on energized equipment? According to NFPA 70E-2015, QUALIFIED persons means: “One who has demonstrated skills and knowledge related to the…

June 2017 01
When is an energized work permit NOT required?
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Energized work permit not required, according to NFPA 70E-2015, if a qualified person is provided with and uses PPE and safe work practices under the following conditions: When testing, troubleshooting, and voltage measuring. When thermography and visual…

May 2017 25
When is energized work required?
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Energized Work Required Compliance Energized work must meet NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® requirements to be performed safely. Energized work is required when a person must show demonstrated skills and knowledge related…

May 2017 18
When is energized work permitted?
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Energized Work Permitted Compliance Energized work must meet NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® requirements to be performed safely. Energized work is permitted when: It can be demonstrated that de-energizing introduces additional…

May 2017 11
Circuit Breaker Panel Covers Provide Protection
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Circuit Breaker Panel Covers Provide Protection when they are properly installed and maintained. How many times have you seen circuit breaker panel covers with loose or missing screws? The covers are intended to prevent accidental contact…

May 2017 04
Oil Filled Electrical Power Equipment Tests
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Recommended Tests for your oil filled electrical power equipment: 1. Liquid dielectric screen test 2. Karl Fischer moisture analysis test 3. Dissolved Gas Analysis test Stress on the electrical power equipment needs to be monitored to…

April 2017 27
Run Dielectric Fluid Test Annually
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Run Dielectric Fluid Test Annually. It is ideal to run a Dielectric Fluid Test at least once a year. In certain circumstances such as if test results indicate a significant change such as a large increase in key gasses or…

April 2017 20
Prevent Transformer Failures with Dieletric Liquid Testing
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Prevent transformer failures with dielectric liquid testing on transformers. As a transformer ages, the dielectric fluid can contain gas and contaminants that have dissolved in it over time causing a transformer failure. Three reasons to test transformers with dielectric testing:…